The Marian Foundation was formed in 1954 by Reverend Raymond Bauschard, founder and initial pastor of Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio. The Marian Foundation was founded with seven board members and is currently administered by a board of trustees consisting of no fewer than 13 members. 

Father Bauschard's idea, which proved to be the catalyst for the foundation, was to target smaller qualified groups and special causes which would have a difficult time gaining financial support elsewhere. 

As a result of his vision, and through the generosity of Central Ohio donors, many poor, sick, homeless people, women with problem pregnancies, school children, food pantries, and a host of others have benefited from grants provided by the Marian Foundation. 

Financial history 2018.png

For over half a century the growth of the funds available has helped the foundation to increase the number of grants we have been able to provide to those in need allowing us to donate over $3,500,000 to our recipients.